Custom Timers

We'll time anything. Within reason of course. We have done some interesting stuff. Examples are: Break timer, Martial arts timer. Rat maze timer. Curling timer, Wood screwing timer, the list goes on.
 Our basic timer comes with a 9/16 high 4 digit LED read out. 3 inputs; Start, Stop, and Reset. An output is also available for driving a start LED or anything else you need.
     Custom timerCustom timer
Custom timer 
  We also have an opto-sensor that can detect a flashlight beam at 50 feet in the noon time sun and can start or stop our timers. All of this can go into a rugged black phenolic housing with a faceplate of your design. Send us your logo or any other picture and we'll get it on the face.
Custom timerCustom timer  The electronic "heart" of these timers is a microprocessor that will do anything we tell it to. Timing ranges are your choice, as are input and output functions.
  All being said we believe we can satisfy most timer requirements and enjoy the challenge of doing so.

Thank you