Fast Draw Timers

 Introducing our Fast Draw timer, Sports model "B". While intended primarily for fast draw timing it is still a full featured reaction timer that can be used in many other sports.The timing resolution for this model is .001 seconds with a maximum range of 9.999 seconds. The read out is a bright red 9/16 high LED type display with excellent readability. The faceplate is aluminum with a rugged thick walled plastic case,
 The timer can be started with or without an external start switch. It can start immediately or in a randomly (3 to 5 seconds) delayed mode. In the random mode with no external start switch the timer automatically resets itself and runs continuously. A handy feature when used as a practice timer. These timers can be started in groups by connecting the start jacks together with "Y" cables. We sell an external random delayed start switch for this style of operation. A regular start switch is available also.

 When the timer starts a 1/2 second 12 volt DC signal is applied to the signal jacks. This output is capable of up to 2 amps so heavy loads can be powered. Automotive LED brake lights are a commonly used to provide a bright start signal light.

 The timer can be stopped in 2 different ways, a mechanical stop switch (normally closed) or a microphone. The microphone (vibration sensor) detects the impact of a wax bullet impact and sends it to the mic jack timer.We have an inexpensive sensor (mic) made for this. We also have an optical beam break (or make) sensor that works with a common flashlight that may be connected to the stop jack for balloon busting events.
 There are 3 options for powering the timer. A wall-wort, A 8 cell "AA" battery pack or a set of jumper leads to connect to larger batteries.

 For exhibitions we now have an external display that will work with a modified (model "Bx") timer. The digits are 4 inches high, bright red and visible in the noon Nevada sun past 50 paces.

 Our timers come with a 90 day warranty and if you encounter any problems we'll help you out.

  To order  Email us at:   Sales@swan-tech.com

                                                    External Display
                                                                 External Display

  Model "B" timer
            Model "B" fast draw timer

        Price list : Timers & accessories

        Model "B" timer                       $ 99

        Start switch                               $  9
        Random delay start switch   $ 23
        Optical beam break sensor   $ 25
        Signal light                                 $ 19
        Signal horn                                $ 18
        Vibration sensor                       $ 11
        Battery pack                               $  7
        Power clip leads                        $ 11
       .5 Amp wall wart                         $ 25
       1.5 Amp wall wart                       $ 35

        Model "Bx" timer                     $149
        Model "B" upgrade                 $ 53
        Large external display            $286
        Display power pack                 $ 35
        25 ft power or signal cable     $  7
        50 ft power or signal cable     $ 10